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Eric Online Store test
2014-1-7 11:01:02
ERIC components Mall is ERIC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City 's online store,ERIC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City , founded in 1997 , formally incorporated in 2013 , is a professional supplier of electronic components providers, the company has a professional electronic engineering expertise. can provide you with professional technical support , we can provide the right solution based on your selection parameters required ; may provide an alternative to the same type of components ; according to screen components , code, markup , typing (Marking) counter- check ( check ) model , for you to identify unknown components on the circuit board , will give you a helping hand in the reverse development process.
      Meanwhile , we are also a professional supplier of crystal , a registered brand " Chinese half HUABAN". The company's own proprietary technology , advanced production equipment, testing equipment and experienced technical team to develop production . Manufacturers can customize special specifications, special frequency , high-precision , high stability industrial, military grade crystal products include: crystal resonators, crystal oscillators , VCXO voltage controlled crystal oscillator. Products are widely used , radio, repeater, maritime satellite telephone , microwave equipment , fishing machine , wifi, high-end audio , optical technology, communications equipment and a variety of frequency control devices.

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