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China successfully developed 8 inches IGBT chip To break international monopoly
2014-6-22 5:23:44

 First domestic independent research and development production of "001" 8 "professional chip, IGBT in CSR zhuzhou offline, and handed over to the China science and technology museum collection. It was revealed that the domestic first and the second in the world of the 8 inches IGBT professional chip line will produce in the second half of this year. Its production, marked the beginning of our country break infineon, ABB, mitsubishi and other foreign companies in high-end IGBT chip technology monopoly.

IGBT is a new type of power semiconductor devices, the full name in Chinese "insulated gate bipolar transistor". It is the most advanced technology in the power electronic devices, the most widely used of the third generation devices. With microelectronics technology in chip technology (CPU), IGBT chip technology is in the power electronics industry "heart" and "brain", can control and provide the high power electric power equipment .

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