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MMBF2201NT1G MOSFET N-Channel 20V 300mA/0.3A SOT-323/SC-70 marking N1 fast switch/low on-resistance/low-voltage drive

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Product description
最大源漏极电压Vds Drain-Source Voltage20V
最大栅源极电压Vgs(±) Gate-Source Voltage20V
最大漏极电流Id Drain Current300mA/0.3A
源漏极导通电阻ΩRds DΩ/Ohmain-SouΩ/Ohmce On-State Ω/Ohmesistance
开启电压Vgs(th) Gate-Source Threshold Voltage1.0-2.4V
耗散功率Pd Power Dissipation150mW/0.15W
Description & ApplicationsPower MOSFET 300 mAmps, 20 Volts N–Channel SC–70/SOT–323 These miniature surface mount MOSFETs low RDS(on) assure minimal power loss and conserve energy, making these devices ideal for use in small power management circuitry. Typical applications are dc–dc converters, power management in portable and battery–powered products such as comp Low RDS(on) Provides Higher Efficiency and Extends Battery Life Miniature SC–70/SOT–323 Surface Mount Package Saves Board Space
描述与应用功率MOSFET 300毫安,20伏 N沟道SC-70/SOT-323 这些微型表面贴装MOSFET的低RDS(ON)保证 最小的功率损耗,节约能源,使这些设备的理想选择 用于在小的电源管理电路。典型的应用是 DC-DC转换器,电源管理在便携式和电池供电产品,如小样图 提供更高的效率和延长电池寿命 微型SC-70/SOT-323表面贴装封装保存 电路板空间
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