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Integrated Circuit(IC) analog switch TS5A2066DCUR SOT-383 marking JAGR

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Product description
2*单刀单掷 2*SPST
On-State Resistance
Voltage - Supply
Description & ApplicationsDUAL-CHANNEL 10-Ω SPST ANALOG SWITCH Low ON-State Resistance (10 Ω) Control Inputs Are 5-V Tolerant Excellent ON-State Resistance Matching Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Battery-Powered Equipment Audio and Video Signal Routing Communication Circuits Cell Phones Low-Voltage Data-Acquisition Systems PDAs ESD Performance Tested Per JESD 22 (SPST) analog switch that is designed to operate (A114-B, Class II) – 1000-V Charged-Device Model (C101) digital and analog signals, and signals up to V+ can be transmitted in either direction.
描述与应用双通道10-ΩSPST模拟开关 低导通电阻(10Ω) 控制输入是5-V宽容 优秀的导通电阻匹配 低总谐波失真(THD) 电池供电设备 音频和视频信号路由 通信电路 手机 低电压数据采集系统 掌上电脑 ESD性能测试每JESD 22 (SPST)模拟开关的设计与操作 (A114-B,Ⅱ类) - 1000-V带电器件模型(C101)数字和模拟信号,信号到V+ 在任一方向被发送。
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