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Trimmers/Variable Capacitor TZC3P300A110R00 6.5-30.0pf 3X4-30P

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Product description
Capacitance Range
Adjustment Type
顶部调节 Top Adjustment
Voltage - Rated
Description & Applications Features 1. Small size with external dimension of 3.2(W)x4.5(L)x1.6(H)mm (Cross slot type: 1.7(H)mm) 2. Color coded stator permits easy identification of capacitance and reduces mounting errors. 3. Can be adjusted with conventional adjustment tools having a thickness of 0.5mm. 4. Available for cross slot type to provide better adjustability. 5. Providing mechanism to prevent air leak offers better mountability with automatic mounter. (Cross slot type) 6. Designed for automatic placement in surface mount applications. 7. Heat resistant resin withstands reflow soldering temperatures. Applications 1. Compact radios 2. Headphone stereos 3. Pagers 4. Portable radio equipments 5. Hybrid ICs 6. Cellular telephones 7. Cordless telephones 8. Remote keyless entry systems
描述与应用特点 1。小尺寸,外形尺寸 3.2(W)X4.5(L)×1.6(高)mm(十字槽类型:1.7(高)mm) 2。颜色编码定子允许易于识别 电容和减少安装失误。 3。可以与传统的调整工具调节 具有厚度为0.5mm。 4。十字槽类型,以提供更好的 调节性。 5。提供机制,以防止漏气提供 更好的装载性,自动贴片机。 (十字槽) 6。专为自动放置在表面贴装 的应用程序。 7。耐热树脂承受回流焊 温度。 应用 1。紧凑型无线电2。立体声耳机 3。寻呼机4。便携式无线电设备 5。混合集成电路6。蜂窝电话 7。无绳电话机8。遥控无钥匙进入系统
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