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BCP55TA NPN Transistors(BJT) 60V 1A 150MHZ 40~250 0.5V SOT-223 MARKING BCP55

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集电极-基极反向击穿电压V(BR)CBOCollector-Base Voltage(VCBO)  60V
集电极-发射极反向击穿电压V(BR)CEOCollector-Emitter Voltage(VCEO)  60V
集电极连续输出电流ICCollector Current(IC) 1A
截止频率fTTranstion Frequency(fT) 150MHZ
直流电流增益hFEDC Current Gain(hFE)  40~260
管压降VCE(sat)Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage 0.5V
耗散功率PcPower Dissipation 2W
Description & Applications • IC = 1A Continuous Collector Current  • Low Saturation Voltage VCE(sat) < 500mV @ 0.5A  • Gain groups 10 and 16  • Epitaxial Planar Die Construction  • Complementary PNP types: BCP51, 52 and 53  • Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant (Note 1)  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Devices (Note 2)  • Qualified to AEC-Q101 Standards for High Reliability
描述与应用 •IC=1A的连续集电极电流 •低饱和电压VCE(sat)的<500mV的@0.5A •增益组10和16 •外延平面小片建设 •互补PNP类型:BCP51,52和53 •无铅,符合RoHS(注1) •无卤素和无锑。 “绿色”设备(注2) •符合AEC-Q101标准的高可靠性
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