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low power inductor LQH43MN151K03L 150UH 4532-151K

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电感值Inductance  150UH
误差Tolerance ±10%
额定电流Current Rating 130mA
饱和电流Current - Saturation  
不同频率时的Q值Q @ Frequency   40@ 796KHZ
自振谐频率SRFFrequency - Self Resonant 5.5MHz
DC电阻DCRDC Resistance (DCR) 3.7Ω/Ohm
屏蔽Shielding 无屏蔽 Unshielded
Description & Applications LQH43M/N Series LQH43M/N series consists of wound type chip coils for general use by Murata's original auto winding technology and ferrite core. Features 1. High Q value at high frequency and low DC resistance 2. Wide inductance range from 1.0 to 2200 micro H 3. Large current and large inductance
描述与应用 LQH43M/ N系列 LQH43M/ N系列是采用村田制作所的原自动绕线技术和铁氧体磁芯线圈绕线型芯片。 特点 1。在高频高Q值和低直流电阻 2。宽泛的电感值范围从1.0到2200微ħ 3。大电流和大电感
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